The financial Institutions division  is responsible for managing and handling relationships with local and foreign financial institutions .

It benefits from the presence of the bank's headquarters in Abu Dhabi by attracting customers and institutions to combine forces with the bank adding strength and competitive advantage to Union National Bank – Egypt. .

in addition to offering variety of products and services to the Bank's customers through two sections:

- Correspondent Banking

- International Finance

The Correspondent Banking sector is the link between Union National Bank - Egypt and local and foreign banks as it provides wide range of products and services for financing trade business and international payments.

International Financing and Donors Section is a sector specialized in managing the facilities granted by governmental and international Funding Agencies that directly impact the development of the national economy and society.

- The Correspondent Banking sector enjoys well experienced relationship officers and a diverse network of 200 correspondent banks worldwide and robust relationships with financial institutions. In addition to providing trade finance and International payment services.

The main objective of the sector is:

• Continuity to enter new markets.

• Identify opportunities for fruitful banking relations.

• Supporting development projects in Egypt.

• Secure profitable products to the Bank.

- The International Financing and Donors Section

The Bank aims to benefit from these development programs to finance Union National Bank – Egypt 's clients on flexible and reasonable terms giving them a strong and competitive advantage.

The main objective of this sector is :

- To attract funds and participate in new development programs.

- Increase the Bank's share in the direct and indirect financing.

- Market for large corporate, small and medium-sized enterprises.

- Discounting (without recourse to exporters)

- Refinancing Documentary Credits

- Risk Participation's

- Bilateral loans

- Management of bank accounts - VOSTROS and NOSTROS

- Bank payments and money transfers services.

- This leads to an increase in the volumes of Letters of Credit and Letters of Guarantee and markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America as well.

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