Corporate Social Responsibility

UNB recognizes the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has been actively supporting this cause through various initiatives within the Bank and with key stakeholders and the community.

Year Initiative
2015 The main sponsor of "The International Conference For Mathematics & Applications (ICMA)" held at MSA University. 
2015Sponsor of world event to record a new Guinness world record for the longest human chain under salt water at Sharm El Sheikh.
2015The Main Sponsor for The National Egyptian Volley Ball Team 
2016Silver Sponsor of The Suez Canal Conference (SCGC) 2016 " Chance & Challenges"
2016Silver Sponsor for "Al-Jazira Club" at the final match in The Emirates Super Cup Championship between Al-Jazira and Al-Ahly Clubs held in Egypt 
2016The Main sponsor of "Dar AL-Maarif" 125 years celebration.
2017The Main Sponsor for The National Egyptian Volley Ball Team
2017Sponsor of Global Money Week 2017 activities in co-operation with The Egyptian Banking Institute.
2017Sponsor of "The Orphans' day Celebration" with 250 children.
2017Blood donation with collaboration Egyptian Blood Bank.
2017visit to 57357 Hospital celebrating children
2018Cooperation protocol with the Ministry of Education and Misr El Kheir to launch The National Campaign for special needs " Kaderoon B Ekhtlaf ".
2018Launching " The Young Economist Book Series " in cooperation with Dar Al Maarif.
2018UNB-E Main Sponsor of City Stadium World Cup 2018 Event.
2018UNB-E platinum sponsor for ESLSCA University Event.