For a better Education


  • When you join us, you will be able to secure your children’s education, so that they can have the future they deserve
  • The program provides coverage for all educational levels until the highest academic degrees.
  • The program provides you with Life insurance coverage as well as the support for your children’s education with a policy issued by Life Insurance company - Egypt.
  • The program is specifically designed to fit all your needs and conditions at unprecedented rate flexibility.
  • Coverage costs are provided for school fees in case of death of the insured person.
  • University tuition fees are provided for the insured person’s children. Funds to be received either in a lumpsum or divided into five annual installments.
  • This program offers flexible installments that can be changed at each maturity date to match your individual needs and capabilities (terms & conditions apply).
  • Exemption from installment payment is provided in case of death or total disability of the insured person.

Did you plan...

To ensure a qualifying education for your children starting with elementary to higher educational levels?

Join us to achieve your goals…


Applicants must be:

  • - Minimum age at entry for a policy holder is 21 years old and maximum age is 60 years old.

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